Treble Bet Calculator

The trebles calculator bet works out bets on 3 selections. If the first bet in a three-part selection wins the return is rolled into the second bet as the stake. Should the second bet win the return rolls on to the third bet as the stake. To place a treble bet you will need to select three different outcomes to add to your bet slip. When you have added these selections to your bet slip you will then have several options as to what type of bet you would like to place. For the purposes of this “treble bet”. Once you have done this you will be able to see how much money you are set to return if your bet is successful.

How many bets are in a Treble Bet?

In the treble bet calculator, there is 1 bet across 3 selections in a Treble
treble bet calculator

Trebles and Doubles

The obvious difference between trebles and doubles is that you are reliant on one more selection to win. This makes doubles much easier to win but does not return as much in winnings. You should take the time needed to make sure you have chosen quality selections if you want to be successful with any form of gambling you need to be able to justify every decision you make. If you like to bet on favourites with low odds then trebles will increase your profit if you are successful with the majority of your selections. When you choose medium to high odds it is very difficult to win bets with three or more teams involved. You can also see what 4 or more selections work out on this site by checking out our Acca section. Overall the odds and the sporting events you like to bet on will play a big part in deciding which type of accumulator bet is best for you.
treble bet calculator

Pros of Treble bets

    • If all 3 selections win the odds can accumulate greatly and therefore big returns
    • Can mean betting on 3 favourites and still attracting decent odds when you add them up!.

Treble bet cons

    • It takes just one selection to lose to ruin the whole bet even if the other 2 selections go on to win.
    • With treble bets, it’s more difficult to implement a strategy

How does the Treble Bet calculator work?

    1. To calculate a Treble Bet assume the stake is £10 across the bet. Bet 1 is a 3/1 Single Bet. A win equals a £40 return (£3 return for every 1 pound staked plus the stake returned).
    1. Bet 2 is a 2/1 Single Bet using the return of bet 1 as the stake. A win equals a £120 return (£2 return for every £1 staked = £80 profit plus the original £40 stake)
    1. Bet 3 is a 3/1 Single Bet using the return of bet 2 as the stake. A win equals £480 return (£3 returned for every £1 staked = £360 profit plus the original £120 stake)
treble bet calculator

What is an each-way treble bet calculator?

An each-way treble is made up of two separate bets: a winning bet treble and a place treble. Because you are placing two bets, like all each-way bets the stake will be doubled to cover 2 outcomes. a place or a win. For example, if you place £10 on an each-way treble, your stake is doubled to £20, £10 for the win part and £10 for the place part.

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treble bet calculator
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