Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

Lucky 15 Calculator Bet at Betfred consists of 4 Singles, 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles, and a Four-Fold Accumulator totaling 15 bets. The Lucky 15 bet is similar to a Yankee bet but includes the 4 Single Bets.


Lucky 15 Calculator

The phrase ‘Lucky 15’ relates to the fact that Betfred and other Bookies will add a Bonus to a Lucky 15 Bet. One winning horse out of four might result in a double/treble odds return, while 4 winning horses can get a 10-15% Bonus added to the winnings.

Betfred Lucky 15 calculator free

Visit Betfred for Lucky 15, 31, and 63 Bonuses

Lucky 15 bets are the smallest of Lucky bet types from the three options available. This particular bet consists of four selections that can be placed across different events. These four bets come together to create 15 separate bets.

However, this bet offers opportunities for consolation wins if just one selection wins. If you’re placing a Lucky 15 on Horse Racing, you’ll have the option to select the likes of ‘dead heat’ and ‘place’ in our bet calculator.

Lucky 15 Calculator

Betfred Lucky 15 calculator bet bonus 3x 1 Winner + 10% on 4 winners and Lucky 31 Bet + 4x 1 WINNER Bonus + All Winners Bonus and Lucky 63 + 5x 1 WINNER Bonus + All Winner Bonus bet settles one winner at 3, 4, or 5 times the odds of your winning selection + 10% Bonus if all win.

Bookmaker Lucky 15 Bet Bonuses

Betfred Lucky 15 Calculator Bet is a big attraction for horse racing gamblers on Saturdays and during the more famous midweek races.

  • Betfred 3x 1 Winner Bonus + 10% All Winners Bonus

    • Bet365 2x 1 Winner Bonus + 15% All Winners Bonus

    • Boylesports 3x 1 Winner Bonus + 10% All Winners Bonus

    • Coral 3x 1 Winner Bonus + 10% All Winners Bonus

Betfred Lucky 15 Calculator Free Bet

Lucky 15 Bet Calculator Free Bets + WIN Bonus

A popular bookmaker offering good odds Betfred Lucky fifteen bet calculator free. All Bookmakers below offer a Lucky 15 Bonus.

How many bets are in a Lucky 15 Calculator Bet?

There is a combination of 15 bets in a Lucky 15 calculator bet

lucky 15 calculator

How does a Lucky 15 calculator Bet work?

The Lucky 15 calculator bet covers all combinations of Single, Double, Treble, and a Four-Fold Accumulator Bet across 4 selections.

How does it work and how do you calculate it? Why has this specific bet Lucky 15 grown so popular, and what exactly does ‘Lucky 15’ mean?

How does the Lucky 15 Bet work?

Add together the return of each winning Single, Double, Treble, or Accumulator Bet. A single win from any selection ensures a return.

Can You Do An Each-Way Lucky 15 Bet?

Yes, it’s also possible to do an each-way Lucky 15 bet, with double the stake as with all each-way bets, the same applies to a Lucky 15. Therefore a 20p each-way Lucky 15 bet will be £6, whilst a 20p win only one would be £3.00

Each way lucky 15 is more difficult to work out your winnings because you have the win-win and place-place bets to calculate.

Luckily our each-way lucky 15 calculator for Lucky 15s works for each-way bets as well – s0 does all the heavy lifting for you – and works out all potential returns for your placed bets.

The lucky 15 free calculator will calculate lucky 15 winnings for EW bets which have a total of 30 bets.

Each Way Lucky15 – Make sure that you understand how each way betting works before factoring it into your Lucky 15. You don’t want to think that you’ve won more than you actually have with each way Lucky 15 bets.

£2 Each Way Lucky 15 calculator free bet winnings

Each way lucky 15s are more difficult to work out your winnings because you have the win-win and place-place bets to calculate. Luckily our free bet calculator for lucky 15 calculator works for each-way bets as well – s0 does all the heavy lifting for you – and works out all potential returns for your placed bets.

lucky 15 calculator free

What are The Benefits of a Lucky 15 calculator bet?

The benefit of a Lucky 15 bet is that they don’t all have to win to get a return. It always happens with an accumulator, all is going well and then there always seems to be that one selection that lets us down! If that sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to mix things up a bit by trying out a Lucky 15 bet. It’s a very popular Saturday afternoon bet – obviously, the more that place or win the better – but it means your bet is active to the end.

Which Sports Can You Do a Betfred Lucky 15 Calculator?

There’s a common misconception that Lucky 15 bets are reserved for racing or greyhounds, but that’s just not true. There’s nothing special about this style of betting, it is essentially a Yankee bet, but with the addition of 4 singles – therefore, you can place a Lucky 15 on anything you like.

betfred lucky 15 calculator

You can even mix it up. So you could, in theory, have a horse race, tennis match, football, and rugby.

Football Betfred Lucky 15 calculator free bet

Lucky 15 calculator on football betting is very popular. Why not try to pick out 4 draws, or try choosing correct scores or first-goal scorers? If you try this, you can find that you can make a healthy profit, even if only 2 of your selections win.

Horse Racing Lucky 15 Calculator

The most popular bets on the Betfred Lucky 15 calculator are wagered on horse racing. With many online bookmakers offering double the odds or even triple the odds you only need to get one of the four horses to get their head in front for profit.

Lucky 15 calculator free

Use our Lucky 15 Bet Calculator to calculate the stake and any potential returns that you may have for your bet. The more selections you add, the higher your lucky multiple bet may be. Lucky 15 is the smallest variant with Lucky 31 and Lucky 63.

How To Use The BetUK Lucky 15 Betting Calculator?

The ‘Lucky’ series of bets aren’t the most complicated bet types in the world but they do still take a little bit of experience to get your head firmly wrapped around them, this is why if you’re not experienced with the ‘Lucky’ bets, you should look to use a betting calculator which will be able to tell you what your profit/loss will be for a single double winning all the way to the full accumulator win. In this instance, for a Lucky 15 bet, you’ll have a fourfold accumulator and 15 bets of equal value.Check out our step-by-step guide to using our Lucky 15 bet calculator.

Step 1: As the Lucky 15 bet type is already selected, your first order of business will be determining whether or not your bet will/is an each-way bet. This will be shown on your betslip and has to be selected by the bettor. Same applies for ‘Dead Heat’ and ‘Rule 4’. If you wish to learn more about these terms, check out our betting guides.

Step 2: Select the correct format for your odds, these will either be Decimal or Fractional, this is a step you must do before inputting any odds.

Step 3: Add your total stake to the calculator

Step 4: Input the odds from your bet slip into the calculator and view your potential winnings.

Step 5: Each odds section will have a win, lost, void, or placed, select the right outcome for each bet, the placed option will only appear if you have selected an each-way bet. As this is a Lucky 15 bet, some options in your bet may be lost, so check out what you could still turn a profit with by selecting certain bets to lose.

What Is A Lucky 15 Bet?

A Lucky 15 bet consists of 15 bets of equal value. These bets consist of four selections which are added in a wide variety of ways, they are four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator. This is a bet with a number of pros and cons, so be sure to read up on all potential bets you can place.

What sports should I use for Lucky 15 Bets?

There are three sports that are common for Lucky 15 betting Football, Horse Racing, and Greyhounds, these are also some of the most popular sports in the world. Football provides a wide range of markets with over 100 different ways to bet on each match, however, the average odds per match are relatively small.

On the other hand, Greyhounds and Horse Racing have a smaller range of markets but significantly higher odds on average. So if you’re looking for smaller wins but heightened opportunities to win, check out football, if you’re looking for larger odds, check out Greyhounds and Horse Racing betting.

Can a Lucky 15 Bet Be Profitable?

Lucky 15 bets can definitely be profitable but there are also large risks that come from any multiple bets. Depending on your stakes, it is possible that a single bet could lead to a profit but typically most bets will require multiple winning selections to be profitable.

For calculating your bets there are a few more factors that need to be considered including the price of each selection and the total stake.

For example, if you were to place a total of £99.90 (closest possible value to £100) with each horse priced at 3/1, your totals would equal:

0 Selection Wins – £0 return with a loss of £99.90

1 selection wins – £46.62 return with a loss of £53.28

2 selection wins –  £159 return with a profit of £59

3 selection wins – £825 return with a profit of £725

4 selection wins –  £4,155 return with a profit of £4,055

In this situation, you can find that one winner can make a world of difference, with two wins, players would make £59 but with three make a profit of £725, naturally, this differs depending on the size of your bet but it does demonstrate exactly how profitable these bets can be.

Can I use Free Bet stakes on a Lucky 15 bet?

Yes! Although it won’t tally up to the exact amount of your free bet stake. If you’ve unlocked £10 in Free Bets, you’ll only be able to use up £9.90 on a Lucky 15 bet which equates to 0.66p per bet. You can turn our bet calculator above into a free bet calculator by clicking the free bet option attached when adding your bet details.

If you’re looking for free bets at Bet UK, be sure to check out our free bet offers. We currently have an offer for £30 in free bets with a £10 required deposit. We also have free bets for events but they have a free bet expiry date, so you won’t be able to claim these bets outside of the competition time. Please note that all free bets exclude virtuals.

How much does a Lucky 15 bet cost?

To calculate the cost of a Lucky 15 bet, you need to consider the number of selections and the stake amount.

A Lucky 15 bet consists of 15 individual bets, this means your stake will be multiplied by 15 to determine the overall stake.

£1 (stake) x 15 (number of bets) = £15

Therefore, the total cost of a Lucky 15 bet with a £1 stake would be £15. Keep in mind that the stake amount can vary based on your preferences and the specific betting limits set on your BetUK account.

What odds format should I use for the Bet Calculator?

You can use Decimal or Fractional odds when utilising the bet calculator on Bet UK. To change this, click the drop-down menu attached to our calculator and select your option. We recommend using the Fractional odds format, so it is easier to work out your Lucky 15 bet. Decimal bets are typically harder to read and therefore aren’t recommended for multiple bets such as the Lucky 15 bet.

What is the difference between a Lucky 15 and a Yankee bet?

The main difference between a Lucky 15 and a Yankee bet lies in the number of individual bets included and the coverage of potential outcomes.

Firstly the number of bets in a Yankee is lower than the Lucky 15 as only 11 bets are included. The Yankee doesn’t include single bets on the betting slip, so you’ll need two or more selection wins for any win.

In summary, the Lucky 15 bet offers more coverage and flexibility with the inclusion of singles, increasing the chances of receiving a return on your bet, even if not all selections win. On the other hand, the Yankee bet provides fewer individual bets and requires at least two selections to win for any chance of a return.

Lucky 15 Calculator Bet Pros

Lucky 15 bets provide larger winning potential, which is why they’re particularly popular amongst veteran bettors. Lucky 15 bets with high odds can provide profits with small victories and also a level of security that accumulator bets do not.

This bet is also the safest of all multiple bets as it has fewer selections than the likes of Yankee bets and Super Heinz but that also means that the total stake of each bet is significantly lower as well.

Lucky 15 Bet Cons

The first Lucky 15 disadvantage is similar to that of all multiple bets, the stake. For this bet, the initial stake of each bet is multiplied by 15 to accumulate to the total stake. In this case, the multiplication is x15; however, for most multiples, this is significantly higher. The higher your multiple, the greater your risk.

Are Lucky Bets similar to Heinz bets?

Lucky bets are very similar to Heinz bets. However, the main difference is that Lucky bets contain single bets while Heinz bets only contain doubles, trebles, and accumulators. With four additional single bets, there is an increased opportunity for winner’s consolation with just one stake.

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