Flag Bet

How does the Flag Bet calculator work?

It is similar to a Yankee bet with the added 6 pairs of Single Stakes About Bets.

A Flag Bet combines the maximum variation of Doubles, Trebles, and a Four-Fold Accumulator with Single Stakes About Bets across 4 selections. The Flag Bet calculator on 4 selections works out 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles, 1 Four-Fold, and 6 Single Stakes About Bets in pairs totalling 23 bets.

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How many bets are in a flag?

There is a combination of 23 bets in a Flag Bet

flag bet calculator

How Do you calculate a Flag Bet?

Add together the return of each winning Double, Treble Four-fold Accumulator or SSA Bet. A single win from any selection ensures a return.

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