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Dutching is a betting strategy in which the stake is split across numerous selections in an event, resulting in a win of the same amount regardless of which option wins. Each of these bets is set up to pay out the same amount, reducing or eliminating the risk of losing money. Use the Dutching Calculator below.

Evenly distribute your stake among numerous selections with the Dutching calculator so that you win the same amount of money regardless of which of your bets wins. You can specify a fixed total stake or a target profit, as well as the betting odds for each of your picks and any associated commission.

What is a Dutching Calculator

In large fields, regardless of the sport, you’re more than likely to be interested in two or more options. Rather than picking one and then kicking yourself when the one you didn’t back comes through, it’s better to ‘Dutch’ and back them all – and you can receive really substantial returns if the prices are large enough.

The amount to stake on each bet, as well as the potential profit, are automatically updated. (best-viewed landscape on mobile)

The Dutching Calculator on oddschecker tells you how much to risk on each selection to achieve an even profit regardless of which one wins. Simply enter the price of each of your favourite picks (in decimal format) as well as your maximum total stake in the box below.

Multiple selections in an event are backed so that the returns are the same regardless of which one wins.

dutching calculator

Dutching Calculator Example

Consider a horse race in which you’ve picked two runners with 10/1 and 4/1 odds. You may be tempted to split a £10 bet into 2 x £5 bets. But, what if the 4/1 horse wins, your returns will be far lower. The approach is to reduce the amount bet on the horse with greater odds while increasing the stake on the other pick equally so the winnings are equal.

Dutch betting is a betting tactic that has been used by gamblers to obtain an advantage over the bookies since the 1920s. The approach entails betting on multiple horses in a race or sporting event so that the returns are identical regardless of which horse wins. The amount bet on each pick is decided by the odds and likelihood of that selection winning.

Dutching reduces the danger of losing by backing all the picks that punters believe have a probability of winning. The technique still necessitates considerable handicapping in order for punters to select all of the options they believe have a probability of winning. The more picks backed, the lesser the danger of the bet.

Dutching Calculator FAQ

dutching calculator

When to use a Dutching Bet?

Dutching is good for events when there are two or more possible outcomes when you have a specific amount to stake. Mainly for football and horseracing, it is best on betting markets where the result is the most difficult to minimize the risks.

What type of Dutching Bets can be wagered?


Dutching is the most basic form, in which the stakes on each market are adjusted to achieve equal returns, such as £10 on Horse A at odds of 4/1 and £20 on Horse B at odds of 2/1.

A Stake Limit

A dutch bet indicates that no matter how many bets are placed, the total stake remains the same. With a total stake of £10, you could bet £6.67 on Horse A at 2/1 and £3.33 on Horse B at 4/1.

Set Profit

Position your bets based on the amount of profit each bet generates. For example, if you wager £5 on Horse A and B at 2/1 in a race, your profit will be £10 regardless of which horse wins.

dutching calculator

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