Double Bet Calculator

When working out on the Double bet calculator see it is a single bet across two selections that requires both to win in order to generate a return. There is 1 bet across 2 selections in a Double. The double bet is a potentially rewarding start for bettors wishing to expand their selections and explore a larger range of bets. It necessitates a little more understanding about the sport and participants on which the bet is being placed, but not to the point where the bet becomes prohibitively complicated and the bettor risks losing their money. Enter Stake to begin.


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How does the Double Bet Calculator work?

If the first bet were to win its returns are rolled over as a stake for the second selection, both selections must be separate events for a Double Bet to be valid. The goal (pardon the pun) of a ‘Double’ bet is to correctly identify two winning selections in two distinct races on the same bet and stake, and in this case, both selections must win in order to earn a profit.

double bet calculator

double bet calculator

Trebles, trixies, accumulators, Yankee, and Lucky 15s are other types of multiple bets. These, like a double bet calculator, combine many wagers into one, with a Lucky 15 including a total of 15 bets. The bigger the number of bets in a multiple bet, the higher the risk. Bettors who want to place a multiple bet should make sure they know what they’re betting on first.

Because multiple bets on the winner of an event must be placed on distinct events, they must be placed on separate events. A bettor could not, for example, put a double bet on a horse to win and another to come second in the same race; this would be a forecast bet. Instead, they must wager on Horse 1 to win Race 1 and Horse 2 to win Race 2 for example.

Double bets are popular because they offer bigger returns than several single bets, and the way the returns are calculated can be described in two ways. The first is that the winnings from the first bet are used to fund the second wager. To put it another way, if bet one returned £30 then £30 would be the stake on the second bet.

The most basic and uncomplicated multiple bet is a double bet. It’s just two individual selections combined into one bet, as the name implies. If a bettor makes two winning selections, he or she wins and receives a larger payoff than if they placed two separate single bets.

The double bet is a potentially rewarding start for bettors wishing to expand their selections and explore with a larger range of bets.

double bet calculator

Bets Like a Double Bet Calculator

A double bet is a type of multiple bet, and there are additional multiple bets that can pay out even more money than a double bet. However, it should be remembered that these investments carry even greater risks.

A bettor makes three selections on three events with three times the odds in a triple bet. In other words, a third match would be added to the Everton and Watford games, and the bettor would get paid if they correctly predicted the winner of that game (and the Everton and Watford games went in their favour as well).

double bet calculator

How do you use a Double Bet calculator?

The Double Bet calculator assumes the stake is £10 across the bet. Bet 1 is a 3/1 Single Bet. A win equals a £40 return (£3 return for every 1 pound staked plus the stake returned). Bet 2 is a 2/1 Single Bet using the return of bet 1 as the stake. A win equals a £120 return (£2 return for every £1 staked = £80 plus the original £40 stake)

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