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A Single Bet Calculator is a stake placed on a single selection to win. So, for example, you could gain a win by correctly predicting the result of just one match. Profit is not dependent upon other results, you can cash out a successful bet right away.

Work out your potential returns with our Single Bet calculator our easy-to-use bet calculator and we’ll also show you a clear breakdown of your winnings. Use the single bet calculator below.

Experts believe single bets represent the safest bet-and-win way to realise a profit over the longer term. This is because they offer a higher winning percentage than accumulator betting.


Single Bet Calculator


The first thing when using the single bet calculator is to decide how much you want to stake, because the more you stake, the greater your winning profit. If your chosen selection loses, there will be no profit return and you’ll also lose your stake. However, if your chosen selection wins, your bet-and-win stake is multiplied by the odds you accepted to calculate your profit – and your original stake is also returned.

You will receive higher odds when placing bets your bookmaker believes are less likely to result in a win. If you are successful with this kind of bet, you will win higher amounts. The most practical strategy is to choose bets where you believe your chances of success are greater than the odds seem to indicate. You’ll often hear these called “value” bets.

Single Bet Calculator

How to work out a Single Bet Calculator?

Should your bet win at odds of 7/2 with a £10 stake, simply multiply your initial stake of £10 by 9 (the 9 comes from adding the figures from 7/2) then divide by the denominator 2. So that’s £10×9=90 then 90÷2=£45, now you have calculated your returns for a win Single.

How many selections are in a single bet?

Obviously, only one selection as you might imagine! The beauty of single bets can be placed on almost every event and you’ll probably never need the Single Bet Calculator once you get to know the simplicity of this bet.

How does a single bet work in Football?

In the days before online betting became a thing, single bets on football were rarely, if ever allowed. Maybe the bookies thought it was too easy to predict one or even two, a double football match result as the minimum you could bet on football was a treble.

Thankfully, those days have changed, and singles are widely accepted by almost every online bookmaker in the UK including those that have a high street shop presence.

single bet calculator

How does a Single Bet Calculator work in Horse Racing?

When it comes to horse racing, singles are also among the most popular bets. It doesn’t get any easier than this; the bettor simply wants to wager on a horse to win a specific race. This is, once again, a solitary bet.

To put a single bet on a horse race, you only need to know the horse’s name (or number), the racecourse’s name, the race’s time, and the amount you’re willing to stake. Enter the options into the bet calc

However, the amount of money you are willing to risk will be determined by a variety of criteria, including the odds, your understanding of the horse’s history and background, the jockey’s form, the racecourse conditions, the race distance, and the other horses in the field. With these things in mind, you can make a more informed decision about the odds.

Single Bet Calculator

When should I place a single bet?

You are obviously far more likely to land a single bet. Don’t be tempted to add other selections if you’re confident in a single pick. The payout will dramatically increase the return but so will the odds of landing it.

What are the drawbacks of placing a single bet?

There aren’t really any drawbacks to placing single bets. It’s the most popular form of betting on any sport.

single bet calculator

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