Bet Matching Calculator

The bet matching calculator gives you the functionality to determine what your exact lay stake should be, your liability, and your profit. Enter the bookmaker odds, from bet365 for example, and the stake to back. The Bet Matching Calculator will do the rest of the work.

The bet matching calculator allows you to calculate a qualifying bet or any free bet, so you know exactly how much to stake on your lay bet in order to minimise initial losses and maximise overall profits. By covering a number of bet offer types, the calculator can be used for the majority of bookies’ offers which can return a profit.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is the act of profiting from bookmaker promotions in order to make a guaranteed risk-free profit. This is accomplished by using free bet promos to trigger bets on a bookmaker and an exchange site and then using these bets to lock in a guaranteed profit.

The deals to take advantage of at first will be conventional welcome offers from bookmakers to persuade customers to join their sites. When all of these deals have been fulfilled, there is a plethora of reload offers to choose from.

bet matching calculator

You can use the bet matching calculator for the following offer types:

  • Qualifying bet
  • Free Bet
  • Bonus
  • Bonus on Win
  • Bonus on Loss
  • Free Bet on Win
  • Free Bet on Loss
  • Enhanced odds as Free Bets
bet calculator

Matched Betting Manually

Manual matched betting is finding and placing matched bets on your own, without the assistance of third parties. This is not something we personally encourage because there are numerous offers to be taken advantage of, and it will ultimately cost you a lot of time and money.

Auto-Matched Betting

An auto-matcher is software that scans numerous bookies and compares the odds to those currently established on an exchange site to determine which bets can be placed.

bet matching calculator.

Back bet matching calculator

A back bet in matched betting refers to a wager placed with a bookmaker. As a result, if you bet on horse A to win, you are wagering on the horse to win. In matched betting, the back bet should always be placed first. This is due to the fact that if the exchange site’s odds alter, we will lose less money.

Lay bet matching calculator

When you place a lay bet on an exchange site, you are betting against a specific outcome. When it comes to matched betting, you’ll be betting against the bet you made with the bookmaker.

A commission will be taken from the bet by the exchange site, but if you use a matched betting service, this money will be considered in their calculations. The Betfair commission is currently set at 5%, while the Smarkets charge is set at 2%. It’s worth noting that Oddsmonkey has a partnership with Smarkets that eliminates commission fees for their consumers. This can add up to a substantial sum of money over the course of thousands of bets.

On Bet365, for example, team A has odds of 3.0 to win their game. On Betfair, the chances to bet against this outcome are similarly 3.0. As a result, placing a qualifying wager on these two selections will net you a profit. You can use these auto-matchers to narrow down your search to certain bookmakers or exchange sites.

Advanced Features of the bet matching calculator

As well as calculating the ideal lay stakes, the calculator also boasts some advanced features which are:

  • Overlay – Used to increase your profits if your back bet wins with the bookmaker and breaks even if your lay bet wins on the exchange.
  • Underlay – Used to increase your profits if your lay bet wins on the exchange and break even if your back bet wins with the bookmaker.
  • Custom – Used when you would like to vary the overall returns at either the bookmaker or the exchange based on the outcome of your bet.

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