Single Stakes About

A Round Robin Bet is a bet on 3 selections taking part in different events consisting of 3 Doubles, 1 Treble and 3 Single Stakes About that are 2 bets each, totaling 10 bets.

What is a Single Stakes About Bet?

Any return on each Single up to the original stake is used to fund a further Single on the other selection. This is also known as an up and down, cross bet.

How many bets in a Single Stakes About Bet?

There are 2 bets in a Single Stakes About Bet

How does a Single Stakes About Bet work?

A successful win on bet 1 allows the original stake to be rolled on to bet 2.

How Do You Calculate a Single Stakes About Bet?

To calculate a Single Stakes About Bet assume the stake is £10 across the bet. Bet 1 is a 3/1 Single Bet. A win equals a £40 return (£3 return for every 1 pound staked plus the stake returned). Bet 2 is a 2/1 Single Bet using the stake of bet 1 (£10) from the return from the win of bet 1. A bet 2 win equals a £30 (£2 return for every £1 staked = £20 plus the original stake of £10)

The total return is, therefore, £60. This breaks down as £30 from bet 1 (£40 return minus the original stake rolled on to bet 2) and £30 return from bet 2.

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